Tentickle Stretch Tents

We specialise in the striking and ultra flexible Tentickle Stretch Tents, based on the traditional North African Bedouin Nomadic tents. Our tents are still made in Africa, however have been transported into the 21st Century with state of the art materials, including the world’s first 3 ply organic stretch materials, which are beautiful in appearance yet fully waterproof, fire and solar rated and flexible in the extreme! Stretch by name, stretch by nature!


As a bonus the matte surface of the flowing fabric is perfect for light shows and digital projections and the semi transparent cellular stretch fabric gives the lighting just as much wow factor looking from outside as in.

The flexibility of set up with the stretch tent means we can vary their shape, bend them around or go over small trees and install any side from ground level to three metres high, to provide a secure barrier to prevailing weather or to screen an unwanted view. This also means our stretch tents don’t require a flat surface to be installed on like framed structures and can even be attached to existing buildings to bring the outside in, with the security of a weather proof outdoor area that can allow a walk through option to your home or venue. We can install anywhere… so let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! This could be your favourite beach, riverside, over tennis courts or swimming pools or on top of car parks or high rise buildings!

Venue permitting we prefer to conduct a site visit prior to the install and normally set up the day prior to the event to give you the time to look at the orientation and make sure it suits your needs.

As an added benefit stretch tents can be joined with a rain gutter to make a much larger structure and we have stretch tents with clear walls with entry doors to allow the quick and effective ability to enclose the tent if required then drop the sides to let the natural environment to be unhindered by a fabric layer

Large Marquees

We can provide quality tents, marquees, pavilions, seating, flooring, staging able to cover special events and parties with a range of different types of structures from 100 m2 to 10000 m2 plus. We can supply a marquee of almost any size to suit any venue that you require. The range of marquees that we have available includes Majestic marquees that can be up to 50m wide with scalloped roof extensions that look great and allows for extra shade coverage or protection outside the marquee. Side spacing is 5m allowing for easier vehicle access. These are a great choice for a 1st class event.

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